Here’s Why Working At The Weekend Isn’t So Bad

At some point in your career, it might be next year, it might be now, you may have to work weekends. Whether it’s pouring coffees for the weekday warriors or cleaning up the bureaucratic mess as an office hand to fill in on the days no-one else is there. No-one wants to work weekends and that’s why there are always jobs going that require you to do so.

But don’t get so down in the dumps. Working the weekend can have it’s advantages. So all your friends are on different schedules? It doesn’t matter, you don’t need them to have fun. The more you stew in your hate for working the weekend, the harder it’ll be.

Here are five reasons working at the weekend isn’t so bad.

1. Saturday night feels so much sweeter

Keep telling yourself that Friday nights out are overrated. Heading home after work to change, preen and head out on Saturday is the best feeling (unless you have to work Sunday).

2. Commuting is a dream

Since no-one who is sane wakes up before 8 on a weekend, your commute will be a dream. While weekday-ers have to cram into carriages that resemble tuna cans, you can stretch out and enjoy peace and quiet for 30-60 minutes.

3. You don’t have an overwatch

Working in an office at the weekend means that there won’t be anyone around, or at least not a lot of people, to keep asking you to do things. You can just chill and crack on with your work without some manager breathing on your neck.

4. The weekdays are your domain

On your days off, or ‘the weekday’ as the rest of us call them, you get to experience all the pleasures of everyone being at work. You’ll always get a seat at the best coffee shops, you can go to the cinema and get the entire screen to yourself and you’ll never have to queue for anything, ever!

5. It’s insanely busy/quiet

Depending on where you work, the days will be incredibly busy (retail) or insanely quiet (office). Either way, there are benefits to both. The day either moves really quickly if you’ve got lots of customers or the day will be relaxing and non-pressured cake-walk. You’ve got to look at the bright side of life!