Recruit Camp: 10 ways to manage a team when working from home or remotely

Hello, this is Recruit Camp! For the whole of July we’re going to be giving you daily tips and tricks to get yourself employed. The job-seeking is numbing, frustrating and soul-destroying at the best of times. Hopefully we can make things a little easier for you. Today we’re looking at how to manage and work from a team when you’re working remotely.

In 2016, desk space is scarce and internet accessibility is fantastic across the country. Flexible working and working remotely has become a big part of the office dynamic along with hot-seating. You shouldn’t look down on your colleagues for working from home, they’re probably not any less productive, they just work differently to you.

It’s hard to talk about working from home without bringing up that nauseating song by Fifth Harmony and Ty Dolla $ign *shudders* – what a complete mess.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s divert our attention to that infographic below from SilverDoor that gives 10 different ways to manage and work in a team when you’re working remotely:

  • Communicate daily: It can be easy when you’re outside the office to just shut out the rest of the world and plow on with your work. However, you should communicate with you tram at least once a day to discuss your and their work. They might not have anything to say but it’s always worth checking in.
  • Have one-on-ones: No-one likes to disturb anyone working remotely so it’s up to you to broadcast your availability. You have to make the first move to show that you haven’t gone off the radar entirely.
  • Technology is your best friend: Take the steps to make your whole work set-up mobile friendly. This means opting for cloud-cased software to allow for easy access, it mens using communication tools like Slack and it also means prioritising better with apps!


Image credit: SilverDoor