A Workaholic’s Guide To Relaxing This Christmas

You work hard and probably don’t work as hard as you should. Tell me I’m wrong? You might not consider yourself the hardest worker in the world but you could definitely learn to relax a little better. All of your stress related issues can be traced back to this work-life balance. And while week to week a little imbalance is fine, when it’s Christmas-time, for example, you need to be able to switch off for those sweet national holidays.

Workaholics have a real issue with turning off their brains when it comes to taking a few weeks off. Lloyds Pharmacy (of all companies) have created this great infographic that details how to make the most of your holiday time even if you’re prone to thinking about work too much.

In their words: “If the idea of a vacation seems more stressful to you than the idea go being at work then you probably already know you’re a workaholic. Nevertheless, you really do deserve a break and, with the right frame of mind, a vacation can reduce stress and actually boost your professional life.”

Here are the best bits from the infographic below:

    • Handover your important tasks with plenty of time. Your colleagues are capable of picking up the slack while you’re away so give them plenty of notice so you can relax knowing that your work is being taken care of while you’re away.
    • Don’t over-plan your holiday. The temptation might be there in an attempt to restore a feeling of control but you’ll end up just making your holiday partner(s) hate you.
    • You’re allowed to occasionally scan your emails. Not to reply to them but just do help yourself relax knowing that nothing has gone dramatically wrong.
    • Hold on to your holiday de-stress tactics to help keep you relaxed. If you discovered a great book or found swimming therapeutic then try to continue with these activities when you return.

Image credit: Lloyds Pharmacy