4 ways to work remotely and still smash your career goals ?

Flexible working is the predicable reaction to the increased emphasis on this illusive work-life balance everyone keeps banging on about. The world has changed a lot in 50 years, no longer are people happy with committing their entire lives to their jobs. They want to do things, go places and actually live. This is where working remotely comes in.

Our travel columnist Lara Lain is currently living in Australia working remotely from her beach-side apartment. What a life! We all think of working remotely as a pretty unfeasible reality or at least not something you can do all the time but that’s not necessarily true.

With the internet and Slack and electronic mail and VPNs, there’s no reason for anyone to be in the same building in order to work. Of course it makes things easier to talk face-to-face.

There needs to be a base level of trust put on you as an employee for working remotely to work. On the flip side, you need to be a diligent to make this system work. Here’s how to work out of the office and still smash your career goals.

1. Put in extra effort

You can’t just whip your laptop out in your garden and expect the same concentration from yourself than you would in the office. You need to train yourself to have work ethic regardless of location and prove to your co-workers that you’re still capable when absent.

2. Enjoy your work

Working away from the office is like treading through a procrastination minefield. You genuinely need to love your work in order to generate enough passion to want to work instead of looking at Game of Thrones fan-theories online.

3. Make the most of tech

Don’t rely entirely on email throughout the day. Get your co-workers on Skype, Slack. Google Sheets and other real-time sharing tech. Communication is the key to success and while you’re not actually at the office physically, you need to have a constant presence in the work process.

4. Keep your doors open

People might be hesitant to contact you out of fear of disturbing you but reassure your co-workers that if it’s work hours, you’re open for work. Sure, you might pop out now and then to take care of life stuff but remember that you’re always on the clock!