What work lunches look like all around the world

Despite working in one of the most diverse and culturally vibrant food cities in the world, it feels like there’s nowhere exciting to try for lunch anymore. This just isn’t true, in fact, if you stopped looking at whatever restaurant recommendation app you use and look around, you’ll find somewhere amazing for your work lunches moving forward.

This amazing infographic from Sousvide runs down dozens of amazing work lunch ideas from all over the world. You don’t need to settle for the same lunch day in and day out. Whether you want to try and make some of these dishes yourself or try and find the best version of it in your area – this is what work lunches look like all around the world.

Here are our favourites from the generous list:

  • Argentina: Alongside sandwiches de miga, Argentinians love to eat empanadas, parties filed with meat, seafood or vegetables at lunch time. This is a good a platform to say that we need more Argentinian spots in London.
  • Denmark: Danish lunches usually consist of open sandwiches most commonly rye bread topped with fish, meat, pickled vegetables and seafood.
  • France: For a lighter lunch, a ham or cheese-filled baguette is often eaten, as well as omelettes proving to popular. This is not news to us in Britain, really.
  • Iceland: A typical Icelandic lunch meal consists of meat and potatoes, followed by fruit soup, however unique delicacies including rotting shark, whale and puffin are all eaten too. Probably not going to find the same thing in a PRET.
  • Japan: Bento boxes and ramen are two of the most common lunches eaten in Japan, with bento boxes often including sushi, rice, tempura, pickles and hot or cold dish of meat, fish or vegetables.
  • Nigeria: Jollof rice with suya (spiced and grilled meat) is a common lunch with┬ásides if tans cassava and plantain.

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Image credit: Sousvidetools