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The work-life balance isn’t an issue if you have PURPOSE

Purpose is important but can often feel unattainable at a young age. Everybody swears that they have no idea what they’re doing and maybe that’s because they don’t. We’re all just wandering about, falling into career opportunities that resembles the next best step. If we act with purpose, balancing our lives shouldn’t be so hard.

We’re always talking about this illusive work-life balance. This embodies, to put it less-than-eloquently ‘having your shit together’. Being able to switch off your work brain as soon as quitting time comes around. The balance is centres on being able to work when it’s time to work and have fun when it’s appropriate. Many people struggle with making the distinction.

If you can’t conquer this balance you’re left with an amorphous haze of a lifestyle where your work becomes affected by your personal life and your outside world becomes marred by your obsession with work.

All in all, it’s not great.

This great video from Big Think encourages us to, rather than become trapped in a mindset that had us working for a paycheque or trying to climb the ladder, build meaning into your job.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Once you begin defining, deciding and developing your what, your who and your how at the end of the day that’s going to create a pathway to purpose.
  • The goal is to match as best possible your defined sense of self with an organisation that ideally has a s close a match to that defined sense of self.
  • When there’s a balance as close to 100% between your defined sense of self and the organisation’s defined sense of purpose than in your role and reciprocally in your life, you will living and working with a sense of purpose.
  • We’re aiming to achieve a work-life integration, where the two exist simultaneously, not a balance where one has to be sacrificed for the other sometimes.