You WILL NOT believe this job advert! ?

You’re about to see the most shocking job advert of all time. Probably. And it will shock and infuriate you. It definitely shocked us!

Yep, grads looking for graduate jobs, you may not want to read this. It will make you MAJORLY angry.

A job advert placed in a London shop window is asking for “no drama queens” and “no mummy’s boys”. Yep, seriously.

And to make matters worse, William Rose Butchers, in Dulwich, London, ACTUALLY received 18 applications in a day, after the ad was placed in their window.

Mr Rose, the owner of the butcher shop, told BBC Radio London: “We had advertised for about a month, and we had two or three scruffy oiks and I thought ‘No’.”

LOL who calls someone an oik?!

job advert

Image Credit: William Rose Butcher

The advert also asked for “no emotional wrecks” and “no scruffs”. Mr Rose said: “A butcher’s shop is quite hard work. It’s an early start. A lot of them don’t survive, there doesn’t seem to be the work ethic,” he explained.

Ok fair enough. Being a butcher does seem like a tough job. But Mr Rose’ argument soon deteriorated.

“With drugs now, they have become such a social thing. It’s become too acceptable.”

Yep, because all Millennials are coked up 24/7.

“We had one applicant with so many A stars and was going to go on to uni. But the only broom he has ever seen was probably in Harry Potter.”

There’s a thing called a job shortage going on Mr Rose…duh! We doubt the applicant actually wanted to work with you.


According to Mr Rose, only one aspect of the job advert was actually picked up by a lawyer who inspected it before it went in the window. Mr Rose said: “We had one employment lawyer say, ‘You can’t put mummy’s boys you have to put mummy’s persons’.”

Ok, we’re crying with laughter right now.

Literally how is this man for real?! We’re actually quite baffled by this whole situation tbh. What do you think?