5 reasons why working from home is the best

Clipping across the marble floor of a skyscraper office sounds like the dream. But with many jobs now going remote, or “digitally native”, working from home is becoming a thing lots of people are doing.

Here’s why working from home is the best.

1. You can sleep in

Appreciate the extra two hours you save by not commuting to the office and back. It’s called “beauty sleep” for a reason – you won’t have that windswept (sort of) look most commuters get after a rush hour dash to the office.

2. Pyjamas all day, every day

Few things feel better in life than waking up and not having to wear stiff, tight or otherwise uncomfortable work clothes all day long. Don your most comfortable jogging bottoms and snuggle under the covers with your laptop.

3. You can finally get some housework done

Been meaning to hoover the living room but haven’t had time? What about all that laundry that’s piling up? Feel like an excellent multi-tasker by getting little errands done during your breaks.

4. You get to spend some quality time with your pet

Instead of being on your best behaviour and having to deal with actual people, use this time to catch up with your favourite furry friend. Just make sure this doesn’t happen…

5. You’re free!

No one’s looking over your shoulder, so you can be on Facebook all day long or watch an episode of your favourite show while you eat lunch and not feel the least bit guilty or self-conscious. Same goes for snacking – eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

Now what?