Who Are The *Fastest* Commuters In The World? (You’ll Never Guess!)

Living in a major city, you learn to match the pace of commuters. Even the footpath is an unforgiving place between seven and nine in the morning with brutal ‘tuts’ flying from all angles at anyone will the gall to dilly-dally.

London-dwellers will attest to the footfall of the UK capital as being among the fastest in the world but is there actually a way to tell who the fastest commuters in the world are?

Of course there is and it’s called The Pace of Life project. Led by Quirkology author and professor, Richard Wiseman and backed by the British Council, the project aimed to answer the question at hand by measuring the working life in 32 world cities and lining up the data like some deluded Hare & Tortoise recreation.

It turns out, still to this day, 10 years after the experiment, that Singapore remains the fastest moving city in the entire world. The average commuter covers 60 feet in just 10.55 seconds which is 2.0 whole seconds quicker than the 12th fastest country in the world, London.

Here are the top ten fastest commuter cities in the world, just in case where you’re living right now is too sluggish and you’re looking for a challenge.

1. Singapore

2. Copenhagen

3. Madrid

4. Guangzhou

5. Dublin

6. Curtiba

7. Berlin

8. New York

9. Utrecht

10. Vienna

The Pace of Life study used the average commuter’s walking speed as a barometer of how fast the wider-city moved as a unit: “‘pedestrians’ speed of walking provides a reliable measure of the pace of life in a city, and that people in fast-moving cities are less likely to help others and have lower rates of coronary heart disease.”

There you have it, not only will moving to one of the ten cities above challenge your pavement pace but will also keep you happy and healthy. It’s amazing the little changes uprooting yourself halfway across the world can have on your lifestyle.