7 things successful people do in their lunch breaks

Are you making the most of your lunch hour? Are you even taking one?

Whether it’s heading out for a healthy lunch or doing a spot of yoga in the park, we have some motivational midday ideas for you.

1. Run errands

Leaving the office is something you must do to make the most of your lunch break. While you’re out and about, you might as well get something done to free up some time after work or during the weekend. Whether it’s a trip to the Post Office, your bank or even Boots to pick up a new tube of toothpaste, make the most of this leisure time.

2. Nap

Sleeping in your lunch break could be the way to revive yourself for the afternoon. Entrepreneur Michael Hyatt laid out the 5 reasons you should take a nap every day, so check them out. A 20 minute nap can greatly improve your productivity and put you in a more positive mood. Some companies such as Facebook even offer sleep pods in the office. Whatever you do just don’t get caught sleeping at your desk!

man asleep on rooftop

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3. Exercise

Doing something active can boost your mental focus as well as your health. Take a yoga class such as Yoga with Adriene which is specially designed to fit around your hour. Find out if you have access to a company gym or even make use of some fitness apps such as 7-Minute Workout and head down to a local park. You will feel energised and you will burn off some of the stressful energy you have picked up from working that morning.

4. Eat

Never skip lunch, however busy you may be. Successful people eat because they know their bodies need the energy, they don’t eat as a distraction from work. Why not try some more unusual lunch ideas to brighten up your day, perhaps take a rainbow salad wrap by Jamie Oliver into work? Try snacking on nuts such as almonds and fruit to also give you an energy kick when you need it.

To do list and sharpie pen

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5. Write a to-do list or a review

Getting some perspective can be important. Write a little to-do list for yourself. What emails do you need to respond to? What meetings do you have coming up that you need to put into your schedule? You can even use some apps to help you with this. Use the time to do some life admin, you’ll be thankful for it later.

6. Catch up with an old friend

If you work in a town or city, chances are you’re within walking distance to someone you know, or used to know. Track this someone down and plan a walk in the park or a bite to eat – you’ll be left feeling positive and refreshed – just keep an eye on your watch!

7. Network

Even if you’re happy in your job, it’s always a good idea to socialise with people in your industry. Use this time to chat to someone new at work and quiz them about their career to date – you might be surprised with the results.