Beauty hacks: This is what make-up you should wear to work

Unless you work from home and have the luxury of spending your days lounging around in pyjamas, you probably take a lot of time in the morning making yourself look presentable. 

But how much of that time do you spend on your make-up? Studies show that the amount of it women wear to work can impact people’s perception of her likeability, competence and trustworthiness. Even though we’re not sure how to feel about this – it’s not exactly news that people often judge you on your looks – we can use this insight to look a whole lot more professional.

Researchers discovered that the key is to make it look as if you’ve put in some effort, but not too much. Here’s how to nail the ideal natural but polished look for work.

1. Tinted moisturizer 

Start by evening out your skin tone. Tinted moisturizer should be enough but opt for foundation if you need more coverage. Be careful when choosing a shade – orange is never a good look. We love Laura Mercier.

2. Blush

Unless you’ve just returned from a holiday somewhere sunny, blush should definitely be included in your beauty routine. A natural-looking pink or berry shade will give you a healthy glow which, according to a study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people equate with high self-esteem and emotional stability. We love Illmasqua.

3. Lips

One of the very few occasions when Taylor Swift is not a good role model. Leave the red lippy for the evening, and go for a natural look with a sheer lip stain or tinted lip balm. We love Charlotte Tilbury.

4. Eyes

Subtle eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow will make you look as wide-eyed and you were in your first day as an eager employee. Rose-gold is a great option for eyeshadow as it’s still neutral but will your eyes a little sparkle. We love Chantecaille.