What does the new Apple iPhone 6s mean for you?

In what has been billed as one of the biggest events in Apple’s history (but don’t they always say that?), the company last night revealed its latest silver tech creations to the world.

The company unveiled a new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus – the latter essentially a bigger version of the first – sparking a host of global interest overnight. But are these new gadgets worth the hype? We delved into the features and how the new updates could improve your day-to-day worklife.

1. Faster than before

With 70% faster CPU and 90% faster GPU performance than its predecessors, you’ll be able to whizz onto the next page or scan through an email at a faster speed more often than before, enabling you to get through tasks more efficiently. Although speed isn’t the only factor here: as everyone who’s ever used a phone knows, it’s relieving the stress of shouting at a frozen loading screen that you’ll be most thankful for.

2. Wi-Fi calling

Ever had an urgent email to send, yet realised you’re trapped in a mobile phone black spot? We’ve all wasted time running around trying to connect to a network, and with every minute counting in business, it inevitably ends up pushing your schedule further back into the ‘will never get done’ zone.

Thankfully, the iPhone 6s’ Wi-Fi calling system should resolve the issue, routing voice calls and texts to your operator without the need to be connected to the network itself. As sceptical as we may be about the prospect of a phone being able to work at all times, this should be a big step in the right direction and save a lot of time wasted.

3. 3D Touch

We’ve already seen this with the Apple Watch and Apple MacBook, so it’ll be exciting to see it implemented into a phone. The technology creates a pressure-sensitive touchscreen which can detect various types of tapping. It should allow everyone to flick through multiple tabs and screens with greater ease than before, a useful feature if your job requires you to have lots of information at your fingertips, or if you ever need to do your research on the go.

4. Better camera

The more powerful 12-megapixel sensor – an improvement on the 8-megapixel camera of the iPhone 6 – will inevitably be useful predominantly for Instagram and Twitter feeds, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have its workplace uses. In most lines of work, being able to quickly snapshot information to digest later or capture a spontaneous moment that sparks inspiration can save time while on the go and help you out later in the day. And the better quality the photo, the more useful these benefits will be.

5. Strong battery life

The basic improvements are always the most effective, and this benefit cannot be overstated. With so many jobs requiring us to run around to multiple locations daily, having a phone you can rely on to not die every few hours – and force you to waste time searching for a plug at every other location – can be anything from a minor relief to a godsend.