We’ve got MAJOR news about your university! ?

University costs an arm and a leg, doesn’t it? And that’s not even mentioning rent costs, living costs (shopping and alcohol are essentials to life) and extras such as text books and library fines. But things are about to get a whole lot more expensive.

University fees are set to rocket. Again! They have already been increased to £9,000 but next year they are set to go up again. So if you’re thinking of going to uni, you may want to head off ASAP!


Universities Minister Jo Johnson also told List for Life that the country will be opening new universities in England. More universities, just what we need!

But it may not all be bad news. With the rising fees will also come a better student experience and better teaching standards, according to government reports. It has also been suggested that it will be made easier for students to switch unis and courses after they’ve started.

Student feedback revealed that people think there are too few teaching hours and “insufficient information before beginning a course“. So basically you will be getting more for your money, but how much money you’ll be spending is yet to be decided.

A paper entitled Success as a Knowledge Economy expressed concerns over a rapid rise in the number of high-priced, low-value degrees offering “little to students by way of employability”.


According to the government’s Teaching Excellence Framework, universities from 2017 will have to –

  • Make sure that students receive excellent quality teaching
  • Give students the information they need to “judge teaching quality”
  • Praise and recognise universities that do the most to welcome students and support their progression
  • Welcome students from a range of backgrounds
  • Offer students clear outcome-focused criteria and metrics for their studies

What do you think? Is this a good or a bad thing for students?