Use the web design trends of 2016 to get your online CV noticed

Paper CVs aren’t the way forward, they’re a waste of paper and a hassle for anybody to look. If you’ve applied for a job in the last six months, the likelihood is that the application would have a section to input any LinkedIn, profile or online CV links. This is where knowing the ins-and-ons of web design can be played to your advantage.

If you’re lucky, you would have been taught a smidgen about what makes and good and bad CV at school. What they don’t teach you, however, is how to design things online which is becoming more and more of a valuable skill. A lot of the people who have jobs as designers now are mainly self taught.

Generally, the world of web design and coding is expanding massively and, unless you want to be left behind, learning some coherency will help you in all aspects of the job search.

This infographic, as designed by the awesome folks at Digital Media Sapiens, simplifies all the upcoming design trends in 2016. If you are in the process of designing a web profile and want to aesthetic pointers, you’re in the right place.

For example, you should simplify the profile navigation as much as you can. Instead of breaking each page of your profile or CV into individual banners and headers, opt for an infinite scroll feature. Currently, even mainstream sites have opted for a simplified model of navigation. The last thing you want a potential employer to do is have to work for the information they want.

Furthermore, and this one is a bit more technical, all the kids are getting jazzed about parallax scrolling. Named after the visual phenomena that creates apparent distances between two objects, this type of scrolling has the foreground and background moving at different speeds. It looks part-trippy, part-professional.

These are many more trends can be used to create an awesome online profile or CV.

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Image credit: Digital Media Sapiens