5 countries to go to if you want to become a billionaire

So you want to be rich? How’s that going for you so far? If “not well” is your answer, then perhaps you’re trying in the wrong country. Billionaires don’t grow on trees you know.

If your heart’s really set on grabbing all the cash you possibly can, then you’ll want to see the latest Hurun Richest Self-Made Women in the World report, which reveals where the richest entrepreneurial females live globally.

Check out the results and see where financial power truly resides.

1. China

The runaway victor – by a country mile – is the world’s highest density population, China.

A whopping 49 of the 73 richest self-made women are from China, as well as eight from the top ten, including number one top dog Zhou Qunfei.

She founded the touchscreen company Lens Technology and is valued at £5bn. Not bad eh?

2. USA

Unsurprisingly America comes in quite high up the list. Who could have seen that coming?

With fifteen people in the report, the wealthiest woman from over the pond is Theranos (blood-testing company) founder Eizabeth Holmes, who was a mere 19-year-old when she started up that cash cow.

3. United Kingdom

That’s right, our country trots up the leaderboard to third in this financial league table.

Although only ranking two places behind currency champion China, the UK has 46 less billionaires on its shores with a measly three entrants.

We’re hoping that means wealth allocation is in a lot healthier state on these hallowed shores than elsewhere, but we’re not too hopeful…

4. Spain

Anyone fancy a sunny stint in Espana? It could be quite an expensive trip though given fare increases recently, but that might not matter as it’s the fourth likeliest country for you to become a billionaire in!

There are only two there currently so it’s a long shot, but with a combined wealth of £2.9bn, we reckon they’ll be willing to share, right?

5. Australia

That’s it, we’re moving to Australia. We didn’t really need another reason to up sticks and go and live on a sun-kissed beach in Sydney, but if there’s even a fair-to-middling chance of raking in the cash out there too then count us in.

Admittedly, there’s only one billionaire living in Australia at the moment, but where there’s a will there’s a sizzling barbie by the sea calling to us over the ocean.

Check out the full table here.

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