VCR: Mrs Mindfulness

In this new series we’ll be picking out some of our favourite YouTube channels and letting you know why we think they’re so great. From advice on how to ace a job interview to relaxing videos to help you achieve total mindfulness, you’ll catch it all on the VCR (Video Channel Reviews) feature.

To start everything off with a bang (a fairly chilled one admittedly), we want you to check out the wonderfully peaceful Mrs Mindfulness channel.

Set up by Australian practitioner Mellissa O’Brien, Mrs Mindfulness posts curated and created video content aimed at educating viewers on what mindfulness is, and how to gain a heightened sense of it.


It’s chock-a-block with super relaxing meditation guides complete with blissful ambient music and, of course, O’Brien’s ultra-ethereal narration. She could send a raging bull to sleep at the drop of a hat (in a good way though!), trust us.

Top Picks

Our top picks from the playlist are the ‘A Few Minutes of Mindfulness‘ experience video – which cannot fail to de-kink you of a few knotty stress points and O’Brien’s own personal story about how she overcame an eating disorder and depression to become the confident person she is today. Inspiring stuff!

Why not kick back this evening with a quick five minute mindfulness meditation video. You’ll thank us, we promise!

Check out Mrs Mindfulness YouTube channel here.
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