VCR: Careerealism TV

In this new series we’ll be picking out some of our favourite YouTube channels and letting you know why we think they’re so great. From advice on how to ace a job interview to relaxing videos to help you achieve total mindfulness, you’ll catch it all on the VCR (Video Channel Reviews) feature.

Careerealism TV is your one way ticket to a successful and fulfilling work life, and we’re not just saying that.

Jam-packed with useful content as well as light-hearted videos, the hugely popular YouTube channel could be that extra bit of help you need to land your dream job.

From resume tips to hapless LinkedIn fails, Careerealism TV will slap a smile on your face that will have employers queuing up for your services.


Created in easily manageable bite-size chunks, Careerealism TV’s workplace guides are really informative, but better than that, they’re also fun!

So even if you’re not on the job hunt it’s worth a look one rainy lunchtime when you can’t get out of the office for a break. Their short clips will motivate you to really crack on with your day, and could even turn a complete right-off into the best day of the week!

Top picks

We like to mix it up with a decent amount of serious videos as well as the funnier uploads.

Make sure you check out ‘13 Lies People Tell in Interviews‘ if you’re in need of a lift. It’ll have you chuckling through your mid-morning coffee, and feeling a little guilty…

Lastly, you’ll want to head over to the channel to watch ‘How to Handle Tough Interview Questions‘, especially if you’re preparing for one right now. The tips are essential to any job applicant and could just be the difference between getting a callback and having your CV binned.

Check out Careerealism TV here
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