Recruit Camp: 4 ways to use Twitter as a powerful hiring tool

Welcome to Recruit Camp! The name might change but our monthly philosophy will prevail: for the whole of July we’re going to be giving you daily tips and tricks to get yourself employed. The job-hunt is numbing, frustrating and soul-destroying at the best of times. Hopefully we can make things a little easier for you. Today we’re swapping one of the more useless apps on your phone as a hiring tool: Twitter.

I call it ‘useless’ regarding how most people use Twitter. Since Facebook has become a bubbling cauldron of opinions and Brexit arguments, the people have, recently, turned to Twitter for venting their personal and menial problems.

Here are six ways to use Twitter for hiring purposes, not just for wasting time and sharing occasionally amusing memes!

1. Follow your heroes

Don’t take this piece of advice literally, please. Instead of stalking the people you look up to, follow them on Twitter. Pay attention to what they talk about, who they talk to and any interviews or links they’re sharing. They won’t give you your big break but might inspire a new career direction.

2. Don’t follow companies, follow employees

Following companies you won’t to work for is futile. Tweeting “Any jobs going?” at an account used primarily for marketing purposes just proves you have a poor understanding of the internet. Follow the employees of the company you want to work for. This is closest thing you’ll have to an ear to the ground.

3. Become an influential voice

The more time and effort you put into Twitter, the more useful it will become. You might have to become one of these people that Tweets every thought but if it means you’ll cultivate a following and start making some noise – it’s worth it!


4. Share your work

Once you have a following, Twitter becomes your auditorium. It only takes one great project or event for someone influential to notice you and keep you in mind. Keep Tweeting down those walls!