Is your university about to lose ALL diversity? ?

University is a place where you can be yourself, no matter who you are or where you’ve come from. Your friends are a diverse mix of people, and that diversity is what makes the whole experience so much fun.

A new UK immigration strategy is changing that diversity though. International students are turning away from the UK and opting for other countries instead. Is your university soon to become a very white, very middle class place?

MPs and academics are saying that the fact that international students are being included in targets to reduce migration is actually putting them off coming and studying in the UK altogether!


Image Credit: Emojipedia

Are you an international student studying in the UK now? You could actually lose your visa soon!

But the most shocking part is that students are actually having their UK visas reduced and sometimes taken off them. Last month a finding showed that this is happening to 30,000 overseas students a year!

Could you be moving abroad to study?

Now Canada had overtaken the UK as a top destination for international undergraduates and Australia is catching up. The co-chairman Lord Bilimoria has said that many students are already choosing Australia over the UK. Could you be joining this trend and moving abroad too?

And what could this mean for the future of our country? A Home Office spokesman told List for Life: “All types of immigration have an impact.”

What are the government doing to help?

The government has been “cracking down” on “immigration abuse from poor qualify institutions that were damaging the UK’s reputation as a provider of world-class education” since 2010, but has it gone too far now?

The Home Office said: “We welcome people who want to come to the UK to study at our world-leading institutions, but all types of immigration have an impact on our communities, on housing and on our public services.” What do you think about this?