Is YOUR university going on strike this month? ?

Was your first reaction to this headline “YAY!!! Omg strike!”. Hmm we thought so. But is a strike the equivalent of a snow day when you were at school when you could just spend the day sledging instead of studying? Or do you actually need to know what it’s all about?

Well, kind of both. University lecturers have announced that they will be on a two-day strike at UK unis this month, which will distrupt exams.

The nationwide strike is happening on the 25th and 26th of May (a Wednesday and a Thursday) and is over a pay dispute (as per!). The University and College Union rejected an offer of a 1.1% pay increase for university lecturers and researchers so the strike is happening.

The strike won’t just include your lecturers, oh no, but also your librarians! Just the people you NEED now it’s exam time! *panic*

We asked someone in the midst of the situation what the deal is. Sally Hunt, the General Secretary of the UCU lecturer’s union told List for Life: “Industrial action which impacts on students is never taken lightly, but staff feel that they have been left with no alternative”.


Image Credit: Rex Features

There is outrage at the 1.1% pay increase offer as the average pay rise the vice-chancellors got this year was 3%! Let’s just take a moment to think about the chancellors. Their average pay and pensions package is currently over £270,000 a year. Pretty cushy job of a chancellor, eh? Maybe I’ll have a career change…

So keep your eyes peeled for strikes at your university and see if they could see your exams get pushed. I know what you’re thinking – no exams yay – but no, they will just get moved closer to summer which will be super annoying.

Maybe these strikes are more like a snow day that we thought. Super inconvenient and actually quite annoying.