Uni Signs: 6 student habits we never give up post-graduation

If you graduated in the last few years, student life will seem like a distant memory. How long was it since you set fire to an oven glove and remedied your shock with a seven hour Parks & Recreation session? Too long, I think you’ll find. And although the university dream is over, your student DNA will continue it’s legacy.

You can take a student out of university but you can’t take university out of the student (even when you’re not technically a student). There are some habits so ingrained in us that after three years of surviving on them, they’re almost impossible to shake despite being totally inappropriate in the adult world.

Here are six student habits no recent graduate will ever be able to give up.

1. Bargain hunting

If you’re not speaking deals, you’re not speaking the student language. Although great value for money isn’t exclusive to students, paying the smallest amount for the largest quantity (usually food) is in the lifeblood of the undergrad.

2. Deadline disrespect

If university prepared me for one thing, it’s being able to produce an impressive amount of work in a short time-frame. My personal record was a 5000 word-er in six hours (I did get a third but that’s not the point). The trick is being able to harness that super-power and use it to the benefit of your job.

3. Caffeine abuse

Of all the substances university offers, caffeine is probably the best of a bad bunch to leave uni addicted to. The irregular sleeping pattern is something tolerable at uni but in the outside world, trading six cups of coffee for five just isn’t an option.

4. ‘Intuitive eating’

“My body is craving KFC so fried chicken for breakfast it is!” At university, most diets are dictated by what the body craves at that particular moment. In the real world where metabolisms slow, this consumption method might not pan out well for you.

5. Debt relishing

It’s the thread that ties every student together in a knot of crippling solidarity. At £9,000 a year, your debt is pretty much the only thing you can claim to actually own.

6. Student discounts

Expiry dates? Never heard of them. Regardless of the shaming risk, as long as I stay the same weight as my student card photo circa 2012, I refuse to give up chasing those 10% discounts.