Uni Signs: 5 reasons having a humanities degree will be a HUGE help at your graduate job

If you started a graduate job in the last few years, student life will seem like a distant memory. How long was it since you set fire to an oven glove and remedied your shock with a seven hour Parks & Recreation session? Too long, I think you’ll find. And although the university dream is over, your student DNA will continue it’s legacy.

The ongoing joke among humanities students is that unemployment is destiny. I beg to differ, I have a humanities degree and a job. In fact, and please don’t laugh, I’m of the belief that having a degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy has actually helped me despite it having no relevance to my job now.

Here are five reasons having a humanities degree will be a huge help at your graduate job.

1. Typing furiously is your wheelhouse

Think back to all those all nighters you spent hammering your keyboard dispelling hundreds of words a minute. Who knows what you even writing but the point is that when it comes to keyboard skills, you’re in a league of your own when transcribing.

2. You’ll make friends easily

Parroting the point made in why the life of an English graduate is so relatable, at least a few people you will meet at your graduate job will have a connection to a humanities degree. Connecting on that basis, you’ll be friends with the vast majority of you co-workers a few weeks in.

3. You can digest complicated contracts

Skim-reading important literature and then pretending to understand it is pretty much all a humanities degree teaches you. The only difference is that instead of books written 50-100 years ago, you’re pretending to understand employees contracts and editorial guidelines.

4. You’re fantastic at making things up as you go along

Again, never again in your life will you be faced with the amount of work as a yearly reading list. Of course nobody actually reads the ‘reading list’ but working with high expectations is part of the degree so consider yourself well prepared for graduate life.

5. You can pretty much do every job (well, kind of)

A humanities degree is a humanities degree at the end of the day. It qualifies you to do pretty much every graduate job that doesn’t require any machines or numbers. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Our advice is to do lots of things outside of your degree to make you as interesting of a candidate you can be.