Uni signs: 5 reasons you should avoid visiting your old campus once you have a job

If you started a graduate job in the last few years, student life will seem like a distant memory. How long was it since you set fire to an oven glove and remedied your shock with a seven hour Parks & Recreation session? Too long, I think you’ll find. And although the university dream is over, visiting is always an option…

Today we’re tackling the age-old problem of visiting your old uni campus and friends that you left behind when you graduated and become a fledgling adult. The urge to return to your stomping grounds will hit about 2-3 months into employment when the finance is there but the fear of becoming boring develops simultaneously.

The question is, is it even a good idea? Of course you should see your friends but should you make a big ‘homecoming’ deal out of it? Probably not and here’s why.

1. Impulsive spending will be uncontrollable

The last time you were in the campus grounds your bank account were as stark as Ned (a Game of Thrones reference, alternative jokes available on request). Now your back with a relatively bolstering bank account which we guarantee will not survive the weekend. The hubris will kick in resulting in you buying round after round.

2. It’ll make you homesick

For the last three years university was your home. Leaving it behind was hard enough so don’t rub salt in the wounds by trying to relive what you made you fall in love with it all those years ago.

3. You’ll remember what it’s like hanging with young people

Visiting your mates at uni, especially at a campus university, will remind you of how many older people there are at your work. It’s a startling reminder that universities are like colonies for young, energetic people. It’s easy to forget but a delight to remember.

4. You may have outgrown it

On the other hand, the adulthood of employment might have spread irreversibly to the point that you’ve outgrown your old haunt. Three pound cider doesn’t hit the spot anymore and the urge to eat a second dinner just isn’t there. Face it, your a boring outsider now.

5. Memory bias will become apparent

University, as you remember it, might have been the best years of your life. But it wasn’t all dreary paradise and smiles. There were undoubtedly some dark times and visiting may just jog those memories. Sometimes it’s better to leave the past in the past and recall it through vermillion tinted lenses.