The ULTIMATE guide to brainstorming

Anyone got deja vu? Again, putting aside any political correctness debates around the term ‘brainstorming’, let’s talk about brainstorming. If everyone in a room has the same goal in mind, enough mud thrown at a wall will eventually turn into something the resembles success. The only difficulty is focusing lots of minds at one thing, especially if you work in a hectic office.

We talked in the past about some brilliant tips and tricks for making the most of your brainstorms. However, that was angled for people who knew how to brainstorm but couldn’t nail the productivity element of it. What you’ll find below is a comprehensive, some might call it ‘ultimate’, guide to brainstorming.

Creative Market have created this nifty infographic with 40 (!) ideas of making the most of your brainstorming sessions. They write: “the key to a more successful brainstorming session is not quality. It’s quantity. You team throws in every possibility they can thin of. Then you trim down to find the golden idea in the middle of it all”.

Here are our top five favourite ideas of the lot:

  • Time travel: imagine a scenario where you had to solve this problem 100 years ago, how would you do it? On the other hand, if you were 100 years in the future, what invention would you use to fix it?
  • Mark your niche: find what makes your ideas so special and unique. If you can’t, that’s a problem that needs amending.
  • Write down 101 options: exhaust the source material and narrow down the possibilities, doesn’t matter how stupid the ideas are.
  • Give full disclosure: nobody in the group should feel like they have to hold back. Be completely honest with each other and the ideas will gel a lot smoother.
  • Worst ideas: shake out all the gremlins before you move forward.

Image credit: Creative Markets

Image credit: Creative Markets