There Are Five Types Of Procrastinators In The World, Which One Are You?

Procrastination is one of, if not the most, iconic trait of being a human. You shouldn’t feel bad about it because everyone feels the urge to slack off and, inevitably, the work you are trying to avoid will get done. But procrastinators aren’t all the same, there are many different breeds each with their own unique traits.

In that there are many personality types, there are as many reasons for people to goof off from doing work. The actual art of prostrating never changes but the justification for watching Netflix on your phone under the desk might differ from person to person.

Some procrastinate because they are perfectionists, others because they overestimate the nature of time, here are the five types of procrastinator as identified by Productivity Expert, Nicole Bandes.


1. The Perfectionist

Imagine trying to explain to your line manager: “No, you don’t understand. I was playing Angry Birds because I care about work too much”. But it is true, for fear of making a mistake or being judged, perfectionist procrastinators will intentionally not work lest be scrutinised for poor work.

2. The Impostor

Impostor syndrome is becoming increasingly reported among millennials. The idea that poor work and demotivation comes from the feeling of inadequacy. “These procrastinators are often surrounded by people who tend to be difficult to please”. You feel like you don’t belong and start working like someone who doesn’t.

3. The Dread-Filled

Similar to The Perfectionist, this putter-offer is driven by insecurity. The difference being the nature of the task being the driving force. Struggling to garner motivation can lead to flagrant procrastination.


4. The Overwhelmed

Feeling like the world is about to topple onto you can lead to some seriously profound procrastinating. The thought of tackling even one task is like pulling a piece out of the Jenga tower that is your life.

5. The Lucky

I don’t believe there are people that are just naturally good ‘working at the last minute’. We all have it in us to pull off exemplary work under pressure, it just takes a risk-taker’s attitude and a whole lot of failure first!