7 AMAZING Twitter accounts to follow for golden career advice

The Twittersphere is where I go for everything I need to know. Current affairs, celebrity deaths, new Radiohead songs – everything that I learn comes from that pale blue timeline. To err on the caution I’m going to presume that not everyone is on Twitter and say: “Hey, you should get on it. There are loads of Twitter accounts that dole out fantastic career advice on a daily basis!”.

Surpassing the meme infestations and Vines of rich people yelling at stuff, Twitter can be catered to be an useful tool for sourcing great advice content. Starting an account can be daunting at first but by following some great all-round profiles you’ll start to build a base that provides everything you could ever want to read on the toilet.

Here are seven great Twitter accounts to follow for golden slices of career advice.

1. Brazen HQ

If you’re currently at university and fretting about your uncertain future, first off, you’re not alone and secondly, swing by BrazenCareerist. Catered content for young professionals looking for internships and relatable advice.

2. Careerealism

Careerealism is a content machine churning new content and advice articles out everyday. With an emphasis on the temporary nature of jobs, this twitter account specialises in the between job periods we all go through.

3. The Muse

A site mainly written for by active creatives, The Daily Muse is an inspiration hub for any budding entrepreneurs looking for both general career advice and true stories to keep motivation levels peaking.

4. Glassdoor

This blog has a great mix of job-seeking tips, interview advice and infographics and data relating to the job market. For those that like their information delivered quantitively, Glassdoor has your covered.

>5. JobHuntOrg

This site has been dealing advice since the early days of online job searching back in the 90s. By internet standards that makes JobHuntOrg prehistoric! The site specialises in in-depth job search advice with a wealth of experience.

6. PayScale

As well as the standard career advice articles, this account can lead you to tools use to research salaries, calculate your cost-of-living and a career goal-tracker designed specially for people needing help with the financial side of work.

7. List For Life

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