15 TRUE statements found on applicant’s CVs that will weaken your faith in humanity

Look, nobody said writing CVs was easy. If everybody could do it without needing advice, Google search would look very different and we’d be out of business. But unfortunately, it isn’t easy. Writing down “things wot i’m good at” requires tact, a keen eye and knowing your audience. But fret not, no matter how bad your CVs in the past have been, these will top your blunders.

Schadenfreude shouldn’t be something to feel bad about, we all do it, and sometimes it’s deserved. In this infographic from Resume Writing Service, you’ll see the depths of human carelessness, dedication and plain ignorance. Titled: “The 15 most ridiculous things people have put on their CV”, the graphic pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Here are our top three favourites, you can see the full infographic below:

1. “Applicant wrote ‘Whorehouse’ instead of ‘Warehouse’ when listing work history”

Either this person should have definitely spell-checked or we’re assuming it’s a mistype but in fact this person just isn’t ashamed of their history. Good for them. They might have been serving drinks or worked the kitchen, you don’t know.

2.  “CV that had a small plastic vial of red-coloured liquid attached to it and a note saying the candidate would ‘sweat blood’ for the job”

If I were an employer, as a fan of prop gags, this person would 100% have got the job. That’s a brilliant way of standing out from candidates. It also doubles as a threat so if you get the job and you’re worried about being fired, just remember, your employer knows you’re a crazy person.

3. “User name of applicant’s email address was “2POOPY4MYPANTS”

You can’t say your first hotmail address was much better. Well, this is a particularly bad example but do you know how much of a hassle it is switching email addresses? I’d rather live with Poopy4mypants than have to go through that whole mess.


Image credit: Resume Writing Service

So there you have it. Hopefully you understand a little bit more about human creativity and stupidity. Steer clear of these tactics and your CVs in the future should be alright.