4 mindful meditation apps that will TRANSFORM your commute

Being crushed by a hundred sweaty strangers on the tube, watching the minutes tick by in a traffic jam, or navigating through busy streets isn’t exactly the best start to the day. But quite often your morning commute can make you stressed before you’ve even seen your inbox.

Rather than letting these factors get you down, try out a few of these handy meditation apps to calm you down and focus your mind.

1. Calm

Favoured by the likes of YouTube star Zoella, the Calm App, and optional accompanying book, is instantly soothing. With a range of beautiful scenes to choose as your background and helpful explanations of the purpose of meditation, you can quickly learn about and see the benefits of doing it on a daily basis.

2. Headspace

If you’re not sure about diving into the deep end, Headspace gradually eases you in and helps you slowly build up the amount of meditation you do. The philosophy of little and often is a good way to start and help you stick to a great morning routine.

3. 5 Minute Relax

As the name suggests, this clever app is a handy pick-me-up when you can feel your stress levels rising as you work. Take a quick five minutes to yourself to breathe deeply, refresh and be ready to keep going with your day.

4. Stop, breathe and think

This popular choice offers a more personalised service that’s tailored to suit you. Track your progress, record your emotions and learn about compassion and gratitude designed for a positive overhaul of your perspective and mood.

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