5 great tips for young designers looking to get started

It’s hard to make it in the world for young designers. Whether you’re designing for fashion or graphics, trying to get your ideas and work ethic noticed by the people that matter – or at least the people that might throw some freelance work your way – is tough. Unfortunately we live in an unjust and overpopulated world so your immense talent might not take you as far as you hope.

Experience and time is what makes good designers great and young people don’t have either. The job-search is frantic and blinding for other routes you can tak e to get your design work noticed.

Design Taxi have created these amazing panels with five brilliant nuggets of advice for up-and-coming designers. They are “several short and simple tips that we think young designers should pick up and practise throughout their career. Illustrated by Caisa Nilaseca, these useful tips include moving on and learning from mistakes, being original and of course, working hard.”

Here are five golden tips for young designers.

1. “Don’t take criticism personally”

As a creator you have to welcome criticism and well as do praise. Obviously one feels better than the other but you’ve got to separate yourself from your work. Just because a client doesn’t like your work, it doesn’t mean they think you’re bad or too young or anything like that.


2. “It’s ok to make mistakes, but you have to learn from them”

This is just good advice for life in general. One failed project only means that you can get better from here!

3. “Keep an open mind”

As young people we’re inherently stubborn. Criticism sits as well as a sneeze in outer space. You have to teach yourself and make a conscious effort to keep an open mind, otherwise you’re just fighting against yourself.


4. “Work tirelessly”

You’ll get your big break when everyone who is as talented as you gives up because it’s too hard. Keep grinding and aspiring and soon enough you’ll break through to the other side.

5. “Seek an seasoned industry expert to be your mentor”

When you graduate and are looking for work, it feels a lot like walking in the dark. Find yourself someone with so much more experience then you and do everything in your power to rinse their brains.