4 tips and tricks to help you get your head around Microsoft Excel

Working in media (but not exclusively), pretty much every job application you’ll ever look at will have at least one mention of Microsoft Excel. It’s rarely compulsory but if you can say, with confidence, that you know your way around a cell or two, it might give you an edge in an interview.

Now we all kinda know how to use this software. We all did some degree of ICT lessons in secondary school that taught you the basics and calculation commands but most offices aren’t looking for multiplication skillz. Any Excel use will be basic organising.

But knowing the secrets of the program can really help an otherwise arduous process. Courtesy of LifeHack, here are six great tips and trick for becoming an Excel master.

1. Create your own shortcuts

In the top left corner of the page you’ll see three shortcuts for saving, undoing and repeating. If you want more shortcuts for replicating columns or whatever you need doing, click file – options – quick access toolbar and then add whatever extra shortcuts you might need.


Image credit: LifeHack

2. Move and copy

The nature of organising on Excel means that a lot of information will need to moved and copied; sometimes both! Instead of highlighting the column and pressing up on your keyboard 1000 times. Select column and move your mouse to the border until it turns into a crossed arrow. From there, hold Ctrl and drag downwards.


Image credit: LifeHack

3. Fast navigation

This is maybe the most helpful tool in your arsenal but one you might not realise. By holding Ctrl and pressing any direction on the keyboard, you’ll rocket to the border of your data saving you a load of time.

4. Turning data from a row to a column

This is especially helpful if you need to conserve space and create a simpler display. Copy the area you want to transpose, move the mouse over to a blank space and go to home – paste – transpose. Remember to copy the data first.


Image credit: Lifehack