5 tips to ensure you get your security deposit back!

Until you start getting charged for making a rented property ‘yours’ by spilling spaghetti sauce and drunkenly denting the walls, you don’t realise how much it sucks losing out on your security deposit. A deposit is a significant wad of money which comes in very useful when you’re looking for a new place to live.

There are freak accidents that you might forget to claim and will inevitably take a chunk off your security deposit. Everyone experiences these. And, of course, there will be some cleaning charges regardless of how well you scrubbed the place prior to leaving.

However, by following these five tips, you can increase you chances of actually getting back your money from the greedy mits of your landlord, as detailed by Mental Floss.

1. Do Your Homework

Don’t assume that every property has the same criteria for deposit deductions. Check the lease for what constitutes as damage and try your best, throughout your tenancy, to keep any signs of damage to a minimum. Landlords aren’t allowed to charge you for normal wear and tear so survey the property’s condition before moving in.

2. Document everything

Following on from that, you just straight up shouldn’t trust your landlord. They might be great people, I don’t know, but their recollection of the property before you moved in will always contradict what you think. Photograph every corner of the apartment while it’s still empty.

3. Get written permission before making changes

If you’re not sure what you can get away with in trams of customising your property, always check first. In some situations it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission but this isn’t one of those situations – your money is on the line.

4. Reapirs need to be sorted ASAP

It’s always the responsibility of the landlord to pay for repairs, however, it’s your responsibility to report them. Leaving any faulty facilities can lead to further damage which might end up costing you more than just a week of cold showers.

5. DIY

Small holes can be fixed with Polyfilla and a putty knife, big holes can be fixed using the same tools and a mesh repair patch and even the most stubborn carpet stains can be rectified with the right cleaning supplies. Never give up that security deposit, especially when you have elbow grease on your side.