The Three Minute Yoga Routine You *Need* To Do At Your Desk…

You don’t need a doctor to tell you that sitting at your desk all day isn’t doing you or your back any favours. You probably work an eight hour day and you’re sat for seven of those at least! Especially if you’re the kind of person that eats at their desk – you need this yoga routine.

Don’t start worrying about having to buy a yoga mat or learning why people buy yoga mats, this yoga routine only requires you to do a bit of stretching at your desk each time you get up. Also, if you hadn’t guessed, it only takes three minutes each time.


This yoga routine suggests a series of six poses that are held for 30 seconds each. And it’s as simple as that, remember to breathe and maybe give your co-workers fair-warning that you’re into this routine – you’re going to look like a bit of a weirdo.

Image credit: Darebee

Image credit: Darebee

Here are the six stretches, see the diagram above if you’re more of a ‘visual learner’…

  • Stretch up: You probably don’t need any instructions for this stretch… be sure to engage your abs, back and arms.
  • Body fold: Now we’re doing real yoga. Sitting on your chair, bend slightly at the hips forward, not your waist. You should be driving forward with your shoulders, not just hunching over.
  • Side stretch: Again, pretty self-explanatory, the key is to sit upright and avoid leaning either forward or back.
  • Lotus twist: Place one of your elbows over the crease of the opposite elbow and have your forearms both pointing up and touching. Your arms should be interlocked, allowing you to push against your own arms.
  • Half lotus: This isn’t the Lotus twist with one arm, that’s just holding your arm in the air, silly! Keep your back straight, cross one leg at a right angle over the other and push gently down on your top leg.
  • Lift and reach: Raise one knee above waist height, raise the opposite arm and extend it out.