THIS will make you question your ENTIRE career

What you are about to read might change your outlook on your job and your career. Seriously. And it may make you think about relocating.

So what’s the shocking news? Well here goes. Millennial women work for 18 working days MORE than the entire UK’s female workforce. Yep, you’ve read the correctly! We’re overworking.

Do you live in the city with the worst case of this? Women in London are working 75 (!) more hours than women in other parts of the country.

Scottish women work more than 70 hours and women in the North West are working 14 hours more than the overall average. Are you thinking of moving now?


The good news, however, is that more women than ever are in jobs. There are now a record 14.6 million women in work, which is 975,000 more in work than five years ago. And millennial women are the most hard working group of women in the country…which is impressive!

Ex-editor of Grazia and Elle, and the co-founder of blow LTD, Fiona McIntosh, told List for Life: “Our research highlights the levels of time poverty faced by working women across the UK. There are more working women than ever before, and those women – whether Millennials or working Mums – are putting in significant hours.”

What do you think about this?


We also asked the Parliamentary Private Secretary at the Department of Transport, Caroline Nokes, what she thought. She said: “This research has identified a growing trend amongst working women in the UK. As the number of women in work reaches record highs, it’s important that as a country we recognise the increasingly limited amount of spare time that women now have. I have experienced the pressures of allotting time for both my professional and personal life.”


We’ve sure come a long way from women being housewives, but has it gone too far and now we’re working too much?