THIS question will determine if you’re bright enough to work at Facebook

Who wouldn’t want to work Facebook these days? Pipe-dreams of working among California’s best and brightest flanked by standing desks, bean-bags and the atmosphere and being a part of the most influential company on planet earth. Facebook is a dream employer and thus insanely difficult to get employed by.

Speaking to Tech Insider, Facebook’s global head of recruiting divulged a secret way that Facebook ween out the best and brightest young employees. And it all comes down to one question.

We talked about a similar strategy in regards to Larry Ellison but Facebook tackle the interview process with a bit more tact and less manipulation. (Ellison used to ask who the smartest people an interviewee knows and then hire them instead).

“On your very best day at work — the day you come home and think you have the best job in the world — what did you do that day?”

When they ask the question, it serves the purpose of testing candidates on what they consider their priorities as passionate workers. It measures how much pride and purpose the interviewee would take with their work – it might be something small, but if the interviewee thinks it matters, so does Facebook.

Other tests Facebook use to seperate the passionate from the ineffectual is to ask job candidates what their course of action is when they lose track of time. This also tests candidates on how they react in high pressure situations and what they consider, within their job, to have the most impact. Think you’ve got what it takes?