This is the greatest career advice video EVER

If you’re on a job hunt (aren’t we all), then we’ve got the get-up-and-go motivation you really need.

This just might be the greatest career advice video ever. It’s jam-packed with useful tips and tricks to get you your dream job.

So take a watch of the three minute clip – which interviews graduate employers at the annual meeting for the Association of Graduate Recruiters – and kick start your new life.

We’ve also knocked together a handy list of all the extra important stuff they said. You can thank us later…

1. Take any job

One thing all the interviewees were agreed on was that you shouldn’t be picky on the job search.

For your first job you should just get on the career ladder, and then try and do further study as part of the career development plan, or on your own. It’s up to you. Just get working!

2. Interview style is key

“Overdress rather than underdress” is your motto for job hunting.

It’s important to look smart, so don’t worry about glamming up too much and looking stupid, just go for it.

3. Travel smart

While loads of employers love their workers to have had life experiences, they also want to see applicants who’ve spent their time wisely, and not just vegged out on a sofa for eleven months of their ‘gap year’.

Try and see about work placement overseas and build up your career prospects while still having the time of your life.

4. Cover letter Vs. CV

It seems your opening gambit slightly edges your CV in the importance stakes. So re-read and proof your covering letter as many times as you can! Then do it again.

5. Reference redux

“Career adviser, former employer, tutor, best mate, vicar.” So maybe don’t turn up to the local church application in hand, but the sentiment is right. As long as it’s a glowing endorsement, it doesn’t really matter where the reference comes from, just make sure they don’t think you’re useless!

6. Work experience

It’s official, it all counts! Whatever the placement, if you’ve been working and you wow the team, that’s going to impress anyone and show how capable you are. So get applying, lots of sectors, like journalism, TV and film can be almost impossible to break into without prior experience, so work placements are the only place to start.

7. Salary or stability?

Neither! Passion is the only thing you need in life, so go for something you enjoy. Happiness will surely follow

8. Exorcise your shyness through hard work

If you lack confidence, say employers, then do your research twice as thoroughly. “If you know the company and you know what you’re talking about you’ll come across as confident.”

Well, you heard the guy!

9. You don’t need a job to be advertsied

Not all of your dream positions will be advertised. It’s far better to know what you want and use your initiative. Approaching your ideal company to see if they’ve got any openings shows your passion for the job, and even if they don’t have space, you might get an internship out of it.

10. Michael Jackson’s greatest record was Thriller
Now what?