THIS is the best time to take that morning coffee break

Having a Wednesday morning slump? You need to read this. A new study has finally found the perfect time for you to take your morning coffee break to get the most out of your day. 

The study, by Baylor University, asked 95 employees to record their daily breaks and their well-being over a period of time. The results may surprise you. Breaks were more useful and beneficial to people if they took them earlier on in the morning. According to the scientific research, the best time to take it is two hours after starting work. Taking a break at this time replenishes your motivation, concentration and energy levels.

Here are three other reasons why you need to take that coffee break this morning.

1. Your resources will be replenished 

Another interesting finding from the study is that it doesn’t matter what you are doing in your break, the fact that you are having one is the important part. Whether you are replying to emails or scrolling through Instagram, whatever you do is replenishing your resources.

2. You will be healthier

Workers who took breaks felt more alert, and didn’t get as many headaches or experiences of eye strain. If you work on a computer all day, a break is important to rest. Studies have also found that caffeine is actually a fat-burner. It boosts your metabolic rate and increases your fat burning by 10-29%.

3. You will be more fun to work with

According to a British study, people who take a coffee break are more exciting and fun to work with. They tend to be better team players and are more engaging with their colleagues when it comes to group discussions, problem solving and team-building activities.