This app will help you find work according to your commute patterns

If you live in a ‘hard-to-reach’ location (which basically means anywhere that isn’t London), finding part-time work can be a slog. You really have to take into account the distance and cost of your commute during applications and it becomes a headache after a while.

Especially if you can’t find full-time work, getting multiple jobs is becoming the only way to make ends meet nowadays. This means that unless your workplaces are within walking distance, finding a situation that accommodates your location can be an absolute nightmare.

For this reason, and many more, it’s great to live in a world with Mark Emery. This start-up founder has created a brand new app and programme called Juvo360 which find work opportunities for hourly workers who are in geographically difficult situations.

The programme uses the location services in your phone to track your daily goings on and provide a comprehensive list of all the work positions available to you,

As Forbes explains: “The more you use the app, the more it learns about you, sending you recommendations based on such information as your job title or how close the job is to your home”.

The inspiration behind the app isn’t one of finance but love. Emery watched his daughter, who works several low-paying jobs, drive 18 miles out of her way to work a second job and wanted to streamline her employment. The app isn’t fully functional yet but keep your eye on Juvo360 if you’re ever on the job hunt.

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