10 ways to sound courteous and likeable in application emails

If you’re currently on the job hunt, first of all, we should give the obligatory nod of encouragement, keep going, you’ll get a job eventually! Right, now that that’s over and done with and everyone feels appropriately encouraged, it’s time to have a serious conversation about application emails.

While your CV and online profiles are the closest thing to representation you’ll ever have, the only thing you can guarantee a potential employer will actually read is the 250-400 word email you submit your job application with. Like meeting your significant others’ parents for the first time, you really need to watch every word to make a sterling first impression.

Except with a parents meeting, you can actually adjust your tone and inflection, with an email, it’s totally up to interpretation. This really handy infographic below from the good people at Outsource-Philippines is an essential guide to what words you should definitely be avoiding if you want to come across as the delightful and competent person you are.

Using a lot of these words is casual conversation is usually harmless but, for some reason, when we read emails, we think the worst of everyone. A friendly “Thanks” in real life can easily be interpreted as sarcastic at the bottom of an email. We honestly can’t explain why. Your best bet is to assume that the person receiving your email application is the most sensitive person in the world so be very careful.

Likewise, words like “Important” and “Actually” come across as condescending. Just think before your write and avoid these 10 words!

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Image credit: Outsource-Philippines

With that in mind all you can do is check everything once more, press send and hope for the best. Trust in your abilities but also trust in the judgement of the employer, as much as you’ll convince yourself that you didn’t come across right in the application emails, if you’re right for job, they’ll respond. Expect a reply any day now!