Career Lessons: 6 things we can all learn from Prince

Another flame snuffed that shone too brightly for this world. Prince Rogers Nelson died last Thursday and while we will never forget The Purple One, his departure is just another reminder that the world is getting a little bit darker everyday. The world of music has taken some major hits in 2016: Bowie, George Martin, Phife Dawg and now Prince.

But art will never die, it can’t. We owe it to Prince to keep striving for greatness. He embodied mysticism in music, the essence of which keeps the art-form exciting and worth caring about. Prince’s impact on music cannot be emulated and words cannot do it justice.

There’s not much else we can say but to take some time to reflect on what you can learn from him. In terms of paying respects, spend time with Purple Rain, 1999 or The Black Album. They are true masterpieces.

Here are six things we can all learn from Prince’s unfaltering career.

1. Uniqueness should be embraced

In the words of Hunter S. Thompson: “There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. Too weird to live, and too rare to die”. Prince not only existed on the fringes of the cultural sphere but made a home there and channeled its mania and fluctuating patterns magnificently.

2. Strive to the best (quietly)

In one day the best guitarist, producer, songwriter and singer died – all four of these people were Prince. He mastered his craft across 39 studio albums becoming proficient in every component of a studio and genre of music but in a uniquely Prince way.

3. Never compromise
4. Believe in what you do

Ego was never a word associated with Prince, at least not in the way we’d throw it at Kanye or Madonna. This was an artist who believed in what he did, in what he had to contribute to the world, that he never took more than four years off between albums from 1978 to last year.

5. Value privacy 

That’s not to say that we don’t know how freaky The Purple One’s personal life was, just listen to “Darling Nikki” or “Rockhard in a Funky Place”, but in terms of his musical output, very little in known about his personal background in the grand scheme of things. It’s better we keep it that way.

6. Speak your mind