Job Signs: 5 things to AVOID when leaving your job

The formal resignation letter has been handed in. You’ve announced your future absence and a last day has been set in stone. There’s no going back now but you still have a job to do. The temptation is to just switch off and let everybody clean up your mess for the next few weeks until you bounce on out of your current place of work.

But that will come back to bite you. Leaving a job, many people convince themselves that they’re impenetrable to any change. Many think they can behave any way they want because there’s a fresh start approaching. But that fresh start won’t be so fresh if you begin it by making enemies.

Don’t be a clown, here are five things to avoid when approaching your last day of work.

1. Burning bridges

As much as you’d love to tell Dennis in Digital how much of a pompous troll he really is, it will hurt you more than him. You can’t predict the future and any number of these people (especially if you’re staying in the same industry) might become your co-workers once again. A last day is temporary, a grudge is potentially forever.

2. Not saying enough ‘Thank Yous’

Even if you absolutely hated the job, the very fact you’re leaving means it helped you in your journey. Even if, because it was so terrible, it motivated you to find a new career – some thank yous are due. Spend some time, send some emails, swing by some desks and show your appreciation.

>3. Being bitter to your replacement

You’ll probably spend your last weeks at your company handing over your role to whatever chump is replacing you. Be a good sport and prepare them for everything you had to deal with.

4. Letting your focus dwindle

Bosses tend to understand the drop in productivity approaching the end of your stint but, in order to hang out to a sparkling reference, you need to still do your contracted work.

5. Leaving loose ends

Leave with everything tied up, like the last episode of a Sit-com. The last thing you want is a barrage of emails on the first day of your new job asking you about things you forget to finish. End of a clean note and leave the past in the past. [Mic Drop].