10 of the friendliest companies to work for

One of the most important things to consider┬ábefore accepting a job offer is the work environment of the company where you’ll be spending most of your waking hours. You wouldn’t want to be miserable going into work every day right?

Careers website Glassdoor scoured 25,000 employee testimonials dating back to 2008 and counted how many used the word “friend” in the pros column of working for their company, according to i100.

While it’s not exactly scientifically researched, you may (or may not) be surprised to see who did (and didn’t) make the cut.

Here are the 10 companies that ranked the highest for a friendly work environment.

10. Sainsbury’s

9. River Island

8. Morrisons

7. Primark

6. Greggs

5. Asda

4. Boots

3. Debenhams

2. WH Smith

1. TK Maxx