The top 5 highest earning celebrities under 30 (and you’ll never guess who beat Taylor Swift!)

While most of us are struggling to pay our rent on a monthly basis, these group of under-30s have been gaining worldwide success and raking in the bank notes to match.

The list was compiled by Forbes, where they looked at the pre-tax income in the one-year period between June 2014 – June 2015. This took into account everything from touring and films, to sales and endorsements.

If we ever needed motivation to get on with our work, their bank balances would be it…

1. One Direction, £86.7m 

This bunch are all under the age of 24, never mind 30! And yet, with each place that their tour stops off at, they earn themselves a nice seven-figure pay check. Yes, you read that right. Seven. Even though the lads have to split this four-ways between them, we doubt that they’ll be feeling the pinch anytime soon.

2.) Taylor Swift, £53.3m

26-year-old Taylor Swift may be ruling the charts, her squad, and let’s face it – the world, but she didn’t quite top this list and she was pipped to the post by none other than one of her exes. We can’t imagine that she’s crying teardrops on her guitar though with those numbers.

3.) Lady Gaga, £39.3m 

With a 66-date tour and endorsements with make-up powerhouse MAC and designer label Versace, it’s not surprising that there’s no Bad Romance between the 29-year-old and her bank balance.

4.) Ed Sheeran, £38m

Joining his One Direction buddies and bestie Taylor Swift in the highest paid gang, 24-year-old Ed Sheeran apparently earns £63,000 per show that he plays. He’s definitely come a long way since busking on the streets!

5.) Jennifer Lawrence, £34.7m

Not only is she the only actor on this list, but 25-year-old Jennifer is also the highest paid woman in Hollywood. We have a feeling that being part of The Hunger Games franchise might have played a part in this…

Others included in the top 10 list include music artist Drake, a country music duo named Florida Georgia Line, singer Rihanna, music producer Skrillex and rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Now what?