The top 5 happiest UK cities to work in

The UK is home to a variety of cities of all shapes and sizes. From the ornate cobblestone streets of Canterbury to the towering metropolis of London, there’s something for everyone.

We’ve discussed in the past the best cities for moving your emerging business to and Bristol came up tops. Now, as told by Guardian readers, the UK cities with the best quality of life have been announced. Is your city a hub of happiness?

5. Plymouth

Moving at a much slower pace than the rest of the country, Plymouth is a breeding ground for creativity. Boasting dozens of stunning views and green parks, it’s one of the few places in the UK that provides the atmosphere of a bustling city in the package of a community town.

Image credit: Instagram - @DudeFruk

Image credit: Instagram – @DudeFruk

4. Brighton

A historical port of progressive thinking and mastering the art of cutting loose. Encouraging individuality and the work-hard/play-hard mentality, Brighton is a wonderful place to be if you can keep up with it.

Image credit: Instagram - @Lau_Wanderlust

Image credit: Instagram – @Lau_Wanderlust

3. Birmingham

Despite it’s renowned greyscale and flat topography, Birmingham’s young workforce ensures it’s vibrancy and opportunities around every corner. Smack-bang in the middle of the country, Birmingham might be the place to be in the next decade.

Image credit: Instagram - @Velvet_Escapes_

Image credit: Instagram – @Velvet_Escapes_

2. Liverpool

The culture capital of the UK, Liverpool’s ranking isn’t surprising considering the wealth of commerce and artistic inspiration it provides. “Friendly, collaborative and supportive” – the secret to a happy population.

Image credit: Instagram - @Dickmanm

Image credit: Instagram – @Dickmanm

1. Norwich

With a 77% happy worker rate, Norwich is the UK home of good-living. It can’t be explained better than what one Norwich based journalist writes: “This strong sense of self is definitely part of why Norwich has been ranked as the UK’s best city to work in. It’s also much more affordable, friendly and picturesque than say London or Manchester.”

Image credit: Instagram - @Norwich_life

Image credit: Instagram – @Norwich_life

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