4 things that will happen when you start enjoying time alone

Sick of your family already? Well precious moments alone can be so important. If you’re like me you probably crave them but don’t get as much quiet time as you would like. If you’re studying at uni, or have a busy job, getting time to yourself can be near impossible.

Denmark, the world’s happiest country, appreciates the value of alone time. We can take some tips from them and try out hygee – being calm, cosy and doing what you love. Here are four things that will happen when you start spending time alone. You really don’t need people around you all the time to be happy!

1. You will get your emotions in check

When you’re surrounded by people it can be difficult to get time to reflect. When you spend time alone you will gain perspective and a better understanding of yourself.

2. Compromise will go out of the window

Being alone means that you can do whatever YOU want. You don’t need to be around other people to be happy, because you can make yourself happy! Wave having to negotiate your plans goodbye.

3. You will be more productive

Without the distraction of other people, you will get a lot more done if you spend time alone.

4. It will stop you seeking validation

If you spend time alone you won’t have people around you to ask for help or their opinions. You can start trusting your own judgement, and will be stronger and more independent as a result.

Now what?