‘The Fibre Frontier’ – here’s why you should move your business to York

York is a beautiful city that we should all visit at least once a season. It’s one of the few cities in the UK that has a perfect balance of culture and clubbing as well as a cracking food and architectural scene. It’s also somewhere you should think about moving your start-up or business.

What’s the most important factor to consider when moving a business? That’s right, internet speed. In a new initiative, York is currently able to access the kind of online speed that can only be dreamt of. As the BBC reports, some people are experiencing download speeds of 319 Mbps. That’s almost 10 times what some people are using in London right now.

Cityfibre, the brainboxes behind this ultra-fast internet, are planning to extend this broadband to reach 20,000 homes in York.

Why York? You ask. Well. it turns out that most of the country’s internet infrastructure relies on BT’s Openreach division. Ofcom and the deciding council have previously fought against the ultra-fast┬ástyle of internet provision and have thus been attacked for holding back the UK’s technological progression.

The York experiment is being used to argue for the case of super-fast fibre in the home. BT deemed this method too expensive for the country but Cityfibre are currently proving that it can be achieved economically and quickly.

With BT holding all the cards for the Openreach division, Sky and TalkTalk are arguing for a neutral playing field in the UK, where these amazing speeds can be accessed by everyone – regardless of their location.