The do’s and don’ts of writing an email signature

Email signatures might seem like an afterthought when you’re applying for the dream job but they can mire your entire application if you don’t think through them enough.

You need every edge of advantage you can get in this market and imagine how much you’d kick yourself if you found out you weren’t hired because of the cheesy “work hard, play hard” quote below your beautifully crafted email.

With help from US News & World Report, these Do’s and Don’ts of your email signature may just save the application of your dream job.


1. Contact details

It’s super simple but sticking your full name and telephone number in your email signature means that your potential employer has everything they need to contact you from your very first communication.

2. LinkedIn Profile

If you don’t feel like you can fully express your abilities on your email application, hint to your large range of skills in the copy and then include your LinkedIn on your email signature. If you’ve piqued an interest, you should see a viewing notification pop up on your profile.

3. Personal site

If you have a blog or website you use to pitch yourself, definitely include that. Your LinkedIn is surely great but a well designed online portfolio can do a world of wonders showcasing creativity and your prolificness.


1. Home address

You’re asking for trouble sticking your home address in your signature. Any one of your emails could be shot out to thousands of people in the click of a button. Save yourself the grief and bricks through your windows and keep it to yourself.

2. Photos

A tasteful logo or graphic of your company can look great but don’t go the extra mile to stick a HD photo of your face on an email will most likely mess up the email format and freak your employer out.

3. ‘Sent From My Phone’

Show that you’ve at least taken the effort to send your application from a computer, not on the train or the loo. Delete and replace this unprofessional time-bomb as soon as you start sending emails.

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