These are the charity sector jobs you didn’t know existed

We’ve all seen harrowing images hundreds of times on TV ads, and all wished that we could do something about it.

Many of us will respond to the refugee crisis by kindly giving to charity, either directly or through buying the latest Save the Children single ‘Help is Coming’
1. Fundraiser

Every charity needs to bring in the cash somehow, and someone’s got to lead that drive. Spanning anything from banging a bucket on your local high street to heading up a global strategy, the best fundraisers are not only those with a cheeky smile and a gift for the gab but the marketers, the creative thinkers and the great speakers. You may not be face to face with the victims you’re helping, but without you there wouldn’t be any help coming at all.

2. Lobbyist

Charities try their best to confront issues, but ultimately they’re never going to have the weight national governments can throw at them. Someone’s got to take all that first-hand experience, research and knowledge and start twisting some arms with it. Although this job can involve hitting brick walls for years on end, when you do get a breakthrough it can have monumental implications (and feel like a monumental achievement because of it).

3. Communications

For all the good your charity is doing, someone has to get the message out beyond those you’re helping. Many charities now have dedicated teams committed to spreading news of their fundraising events through the media and trying to ignite social media with the issues they’re focusing on. The fundraisers and lobbyists rely on such publicity to get the cash and influence they need to make a real difference – after all, everyone’s part of the same team.

4. Researcher

Yet the lobbyists and marketers have nothing to go in with unless someone gets the information for them. Every major charity needs its fact foot soldiers to find the figures and science behind the issue. This may be a backroom, unsung-hero position, but information is vital to every campaign and, ultimately, its those with the evidence behind them that see success in the end.

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