The $400,000-a-year New Zealand job that no one will take (for some reason)

A few years ago UK graduates would have done anything and moved anywhere to get a job, the market was that terrible. Roughly 10 people were applying for every empty desk in cities like London. Little did they know that there was job in New Zealand that paid ludicrous amounts that no-one was applying for.

This job remains unfilled despite offering $400,000 a year and 3 months of holiday. In the middle of rural New Zealand sits a GP looking for an assistant to share the burden of 6,000 patients but, after two years of searching high and low, is still looking for the perfect fit.

Dr Alan Kenny co-owns a general practitioners office in the Waikato town of Tokoroa, The Guardian reports. The entire town has a manageable population of 13,600 people. The UK GP told the New Zealand Herald that the popularity of his practice has “exploded” and thus worked him into the ground.

The flip-side of this popularity is that the mass amount of patients means that Kenny can offer any of his employees a silly amount of money. “The more patients you list, the more money you get”.

To sweeten the deal, Kenny is also offering three months of annual leave with no night, call or weekend work as well half the shares of the practice – although, unless New Zealand discovers a miracle cure to everything, owning shares in a GP office won’t be the most profitable venture. Good health is pretty solidly rated.

So why aren’t people flocking in droves to apply? Mainly because the GP office is in the middle of nowhere. The isolation, lack of broadband and pitiful social life of the town has been steering off new residents. Vacancies in Tokoroa take somewhere between two and three years to fill.

Still, if you’re qualified and have no reason to stay in the UK, take this job for a few years, earn the dollar and come home a rejuvenated person – no-one seems to want to do it.