The 3 types of work related burn-out you need to look out for

Whether you’re running your own business, trying to launch your start-up or simply pushing yourself at work, everyone is at risk of burn-out.

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the risks of burn-out, and the long term effect that this feeling of exhaustion can have on an employee’s work life. Ensuring that you have a good work/home life balance is key.

Burn-out has been defined by three characteristics in a recent study:

1. Exhaustion

2. Cynicism

3. Inefficacy

A recent study by the University of Zaragoza revealed three types of burn-out that people should look out for.

1. Frenetic

This is caused by long, tiring hours spent working. Frenetic burn-out is most likely in anyone running their own business, as they struggle to separate their work and home life.

Creating a distinction between work and play is crucial to avoiding exhaustion and resentment towards work.

2. Under-challenged

For anyone working a monotonous job, the risk of becoming bored from the feeling of not being challenged enough is high. Ensuring that you find a job that excites you (easier said than done in many cases) is the way to avoid this feeling of boredom. Identify what you are passionate about and go with it.

3. Worn out

This is perhaps the most common and can happen in any industry in any type of work. For those who have worked in the same company for a long period of time, the feeling of stagnation may set in, and it is longer-serving employees that are most prone to this worn out feeling.

Now what?