7 ways to test how much of an adult you REALLY are

We all know and are all told that at the turn of 18, our lives are supposedly meant to have this huge turnaround as we go from child to man, and become this omniscient adult of the world. But if five years on, you’re still finding yourself desperately seeking an adult to help in a specific situation, probably means you might still be living in Neverland and waiting to be told you’re Peter Pan.

Words: Katie Brown

You’re not alone when the idea of growing up seems incredibly frightening. It begins with realising half of your Facebook friends from school are getting engaged and popping out baby number 2. You’re there still deciding what new boxset to get started on.

Even if you aren’t yet ready to leave the nest, or still relying on mum’s knowledge on the washing up machine, there might be some other (less daunting) signs that you really could be on your way to adulthood.

1. Saving pennies

Your pay slip each month becomes optimistically arranged as to allow some money to filter into savings, which for the record, never seems to build up. You blame the non-existent interest rates, but really it’s still going on those clothes you never need (but at least the saving intention was initially there, right?)

Price comparisons

You realise the price of mangoes are 25p more in Sainbury’s than they are in Tesco, and become outraged that they could do such wrong-doing. Or just generally becoming outraged by the increasing prices of food and different goods, alongside the decreasing serving size and value for money.

Caffeine cut-off

It becomes a challenging decision to decide whether or not you should have that extra coffee before dinner, in the fear the caffeine will keep you up and prevent you from getting your 8 hours of valuable sleeping time.

Weather appreciation

It might be 7:00 in the morning and you’re dreading the day ahead, but there’s no denying you’ve already noticed and commented on what a lovely morning of weather it is that day and you now understand why mum used to blindingly wake you up for school with the opening of the curtains, rejoicing in the fact that the sun was out.

Weak at the knees

When you realise you’ve been sitting down all day, and getting up from your perch no longer comes with the elegance and ease that it used to (at least not always, anyway) and instead now comes with an unintentional “oof” sound, the wild cry of the adult species.

‘Say Cheese’

Realising you just can’t pull off the duck pout any more in photos and become acutely aware of the correct way to appropriately smile without looking like the upcoming generation of teenagers.

(You just realised you now have a huge craving for cheese and wine after reading that previous headline)

Blender > Bag

The new addition of kitchen appliances becomes overwhelmingly exciting and realising the electrical goods/home appliance offers become the most enticing section on Groupon.